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Down by the Creek Bank

My history with creek banks probably started in my first grade when I made a bad grade.  If the teacher scribbled on the paper with red pencil….I was smart enough to know this paper did not merit the attention of my mother.  So it was that as I made my journey home with such a paper, […]

Applause from My Camper

Recently I was sitting at my camper window observing my bird feeders when two hummingbirds made their approach, landed, stayed a while and then moved on. From my camper window…August 2016 This pattern of flight was repeated for almost an hour, and I sat quietly, observing.  I was mesmerized by their agility and tenacity as […]

The Dew Is Fallen

The soft, red glow of the clock reveals the time to be 3:30 a.m.  Another hour has passed since first I awakened with thoughts worth thinking about, trapped inside a body that was contentedly avowed to stay a little longer in bed.  The distant hum of the fan beside my bed, the warm back of […]

Rhythms of Life

Today my husband and I have spent the day out in the woods listening to nature, watching birds, and admiring the abundance of wildlife scampering amidst the leaves and fallen debris left over from the long winter. We have spent the morning at Cumberland Falls State Park, and are reminiscing of days gone by when our […]

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Ritchie Hale is an inspirational travel blogger. With camera, notepad, and maps, she is always ready for the next adventure. Pastors wife for the past 46 years, and retired from teaching elementary children, she continues to enjoy traveling, and spending time with her 3 grown children 10 Grands.


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