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Down by the Creek Bank

My history with creek banks probably started in my first grade when I made a bad grade.  If the teacher scribbled on the paper with red pencil….I was smart enough to know this paper did not merit the attention of my mother.  So it was that as I made my journey home with such a paper, […]

God Is A Bird Watcher

I can “waste” more time than anyone I know, watching birds.  I find them to be amazing creatures.  They fascinate my imagination.  I see tiny replicas of modern day aviation being gracefully demonstrated in their tiny frames.  I’m content to sit quietly and just watch. From one branch to the next, they flit and hop.  […]

Oldham Sisters Trio

Oldham Sisters Trio

By the time Roger and Glendora Oldham had three daughters, they began working with us to create a trio.  Since our earliest memories, we have sung together in three part harmony.  Our journey became richer when our baby brother arrived in 1955.  I’ve made this video to capture some of those precious moments of memory […]

Lessons from God’s Trees

Lessons from God’s Trees

Lessons from God’s Trees Becky Mann Shares Her Faith Recently an article featuring Becky Mann, appeared in the Southeast Outlook, a church newspaper in Louisville, Kentucky.  She was sharing her faith and journey, and mentioned her mother’s name.  Immediately I was curious to read more.  Becky is the daughter of Helen Frazee-Bower, poet and author of the story, […]

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Ritchie Hale is an inspirational travel blogger. With camera, notepad, and maps, she is always ready for the next adventure. Pastors wife for the past 46 years, and retired from teaching elementary children, she continues to enjoy traveling, and spending time with her 3 grown children 10 Grands.


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