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You Can’t Rush A Sunset

I stood on the beach in Clearwater, Florida with hundreds of other spectators. The children were running in and out of the surf, the noise of laughter and constant talking surrounded me, and I stood with my camera pressed against my eye. The intensity of the sun made it impossible to see the tiny sailboat […]

Veterans Day Tribute

I reach across time and remember Buddy Rogers, my cousin, who gave his life in the push for the Rhine, marching to his death as a 21 year old foot soldier. Following his death, his mother valiantly moved forward, always finding ways to fill the emptiness in her heart until her death at age 94.  For her […]

For When You Hurt

For When You Hurt

I wake…I sleep…I’m okay…I’m devastated.  I laugh and smile politely and then go home to private spaces and sob uncontrollably.  I cannot make the pain in my heart go away, no matter what. I have great hope….I have no hope.  I have great peace…I have no peace.  I think there will be great tomorrows…and then […]

Oldham Sisters Trio

Oldham Sisters Trio

By the time Roger and Glendora Oldham had three daughters, they began working with us to create a trio.  Since our earliest memories, we have sung together in three part harmony.  Our journey became richer when our baby brother arrived in 1955.  I’ve made this video to capture some of those precious moments of memory […]

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Ritchie Hale is an inspirational travel blogger. With camera, notepad, and maps, she is always ready for the next adventure. Pastors wife for the past 46 years, and retired from teaching elementary children, she continues to enjoy traveling, and spending time with her 3 grown children 10 Grands.


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