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Planning for a Great Year – Fiv...

Planning for a Great Year – Five Teacher Tips

Planning for a Great Year – Five Teacher Tips This is the time of year when teachers are fully engaged with thoughts regarding the classroom, the students, and curriculum.  There is excitement in the air.  The scent of crayons, memories of the scuffling of chairs as students settle in and out of the classroom, the familiar mixed […]

Kids Korner

Kids Korner

  KIDS KORNER is just that.   It’s a place for and about Kids.  As a retired Kindergarten and Elementary School Teacher, I love to see children when they are being creative. Parents, teachers, and students….send me your pictures and stories.  Perhaps I will publish them right here.   INSTRUCTIONS for Parent: 1. Scan your child’s […]

Adding Windows to Your Classroom R...

Adding Windows to Your Classroom – the teacher in me

It’s the beginning of the school year…the classroom has 7 doors…and 1 window!  I feel boxed in by walls….I need more windows!  I already know the administration is not going to look favorably upon me if I arrive with chainsaws and wrecking balls, so what to do! Having decided on my theme for this school […]

Inside the Teacher’s Mind

Inside the Teacher’s Mind

         Thoughts, words, philosophies, theological ideals . . . they all swirl together like dry fallen leaves on a windy day.  I envision them in a miniature whirlwind, gaining momentum as they spin across the yard.  Just at the moment they create a definite shape, the wind stops and the leaves drop to the ground […]

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