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Hallie – Chapter Two

Read Chapter One The quest to understand my great Aunt Hallie continues to drive me forward.  With the discovery of each small thread of information, there is a new piece of the history uncovered leading to the better understanding of this amazing lady.  And so it happens that on this particular morning I have a handful of new […]

Hallie – Chapter One

Hallie – Chapter One

Read the Preface: One Signature, Many Lives The lady occupying the bed beside the window barely makes a bump under the blankets. Her body is shriveled, her skin transparent, and her cheeks, sunken. I watch the nurses attend to the physical necessities of the worn-out frame that has housed her spirit for the past ninety-four […]

Book Cover

Book Cover


One Signature; Many Lives – Pr...

One Signature; Many Lives  – Preface

PREFACE He is barely three-years-old; she is barely 90.  They are great friends, my son John and his Great-great Aunt Hallie. He’s not put off by the tremendous age difference, and so the fun begins.  They play with stuffed animals, soldiers’ armor, take wheel chair rides, and have story-time. He loves his Aunt Hallie. In […]

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