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I’m so glad you’re visiting my blog.  I’m profile about ritchieRitchie Hale and I am an adventurer.  No, I don’t climb mountains, or sail seas, but I love to explore new things and make old things feel like “adventures.”

Sheldon and I were college sweethearts, married in 1970, and have been on a life-long adventure together as best friends.  We have three married children, and 10 absolutely wonderful grandchildren.  We hike, bike, camp, collect seashells on every beach we visit, climb lighthouses, and consider ourselves to be “Hale’s in Ministry” in the joy of serving God together.

Always I wrote.  At 11 years of age, I wrote for school contests. At 16, in the seclusion of “my wooded shore” in South Florida, my portable Royal Typewriter gave substance to my thoughts.  Stories, poems, and words vied for a place on the printed page.  But always, I wrote.

ritch and sheldon 1969When in August 1969 I began my college days at Western Kentucky University, I wasn’t sure of the paths I was to take, but I was committed to following God’s leadership.  Thirty years later, I graduated from Murray State University with my long-sought-after college diploma.  During those intervening years I became a Pastor’s wife, wrote and directed curriculum for children’s choirs, camps, and vacation Bible schools.  I taught Kindergarten, First, and Second Grades in Christian schools for nearly 40 years.  We raised our two daughters, a son, and shared our home and love with 25 precious foster children. But always, I wrote.

Now retired from the classroom, I spend most of my time as an inspirational travel blogger…and am abundantly blessed to be called “Nonna” to 10 amazing grandchildren.


***All material on this site is copyrighted RitchWrites Publications and is the original and complete property of Ritchie Hale, unless otherwise stated. Enjoy my photography, but please leave it on my site.  It is copyrighted by Ritch Photography.  If you would like to use any of the material on this site, please contact Ritchie Hale at ritchwrites at hotmail dot com.


  1. Kay Pippen Kay Pippen
    July 14, 2015    

    I so enjoyed your site. I was born and raised in Langdale. My family lived on “Randolph Hill”, the area directly behind the elementary school. We attended Langdale First Baptist Church, and I have very fond memories of your Dad. I remember what a loving, kind, and happy person he was. (I always thought he was so good looking! Probably should not have shared that.) Thank you for sharing your memories which has allowed me to re-live some wonderful times in Langdale.

  2. Margaret Juhl Margaret Juhl
    June 21, 2016    

    My dear friend,
    I just received a package from you and can’t describe the process. It had been sent to our previous address . . . but strangely enough it showed up at our church and I am not sure who brought it there. At any rate, I thank you for your kindness in sending me the music and for your kind remarks. Here’s the blessing: you said you had been praying for my music . . . and I have been asking people to pray for my hands as they are becoming more and painful with swollen joints from arthritis. My great joy is playing the piano . . . it moves me in my spirit and sometimes I get “chills” or “tingles” down my arms and body when I am so moved. I cannot describe it except I know it is from the Lord. I think of you and your dear husband. You were at our church so briefly, but you were so dear. Thank you again. My husband, Zip and I will be married 61 years this July 1 and this time has gone so fast. We are still delighted with each other and are so blessed. God is so good. He is so good. Thank you again.
    Margaret Juhl

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About Ritchie

Ritchie Hale is an inspirational travel blogger. With camera, notepad, and maps, she is always ready for the next adventure. Pastors wife for the past 46 years, and retired from teaching elementary children, she continues to enjoy traveling, and spending time with her 3 grown children 10 Grands.


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