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Running Away Led Me Home

It was 1956 in the small town of Langdale, Alabama.  Everything I needed was carefully tucked in its place in my little red wagon.  A box of crackers, a pillow, and my teddy bear.  With a final backward glance at my home, my journey into the world began. Down the gravel driveway – the driveway […]

Tending the Garden of My Heart

I have discovered that tending my house is much like tending my heart.  It’s not a one-time deal where I can get everything in order, wash my hands, and say, “that’s done!” Both take a tremendous amount of hard work, determination, flexibility, and plain ol’  stick-to-itiveness.  Even when the task is exciting and meaningful, it still […]

Firsts and Lasts

It’s funny how time is measured and how we perceive its passing. “Just the other day” my 10th grandchild was born, but “it seems so long ago” since my father-in-law died.  In truth, both of these events happened during the same week just 4 years ago. The measurement of time is made according to the way we […]

You Can’t Rush A Sunset

I stood on the beach in Clearwater, Florida with hundreds of other spectators. The children were running in and out of the surf, the noise of laughter and constant talking surrounded me, and I stood with my camera pressed against my eye. The intensity of the sun made it impossible to see the tiny sailboat […]

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Ritchie Hale is an inspirational travel blogger. With camera, notepad, and maps, she is always ready for the next adventure. Pastors wife for the past 46 years, and retired from teaching elementary children, she continues to enjoy traveling, and spending time with her 3 grown children 10 Grands.


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